We have a full disclosure policy regarding prices.  There are no hidden charges.

Joining Fee £75 – Includes first calendar month of training (£55), uniform (£40) and 6 months Membership.

Monthly Training Fee £55/£45 – For Adult & Junior classes (10 to 15 years of age).  This can be discounted – see Special Offer # 1 below.

Grading Fee £25 – For all gradings below black belt.  Held every three months with a free retest if unsuccessful.

Free gradings:  When you have achieved 1st grade, your participation in all the subsequent coloured belt gradings is free.

Membership £35 per year – With Membership, free insurance is included.

Uniform £40 – A free uniform is issued with your Joining Fee.

Sparring Kit (semi-contact) £140 for the basic kit – Head guard, gum shield, hand guards, groin guard, shin guards and foot guards.  Mandatory from 8th grade (yellow belt).

Sparring Kit (full-contact) Body armour £50.  Forearm guards £8.  Mandatory from 5th grade (green belt + blue stripe).

Black belt gradings: £200 Junior black belt, £201 for 1st degree black belt.  Held twice a year (with a minimum of two candidates).

Special Offers:

Special Offer Package # 1 – For a single fee of only £100.00, you receive:
– A £10.00 per month discount on your Training Fee (conditions apply), and
– An additional 6 months Membership (which includes free insurance) if purchased within your first four months.
This pays for itself in under 10 months, so a worthwhile invested if you are determined to train for at least 10 months’.

Three-For-Two – Pay for your second month of training when you join, and you’ll receive your third month of training for free, three months training for the price of two.  this is conditional to you purchasing the above “Special Offer Package # 1“.

Referral Commission: Bring in additional members and earn a monthly Referral Commission of £5 for each new member.