NAME                        Martin Christopher Ace       DATE OF BIRTH      9/1/66

ADDRESS     77 Chichester Road, Edmonton, London N9 9DH

MARITAL STATUS  Single                          SEX                Male

TEL     020 8345 5128 / 07 949 535 443        Email     

LICENCE       Full car & motorcycle (IAM Advanced certified on both)

PASSPORT    British Citizen



Sep 94 – Jun 96: Middlesex University, B.Sc. (Hons) Major – Information Technology



Operating Systems:               Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 3.1X.

Call logging system:              Remedy

Networking & Datacomms: Ethernet & X25 protocols, V24 (RS232C), X21, Structured Cabling (Category 5), NTU’s, LTU’s, OSI, Cisco port interrogation using Telnet.  Modems, switches, protocol converters, bridges, routers.

Testing equipment:               Break Out Box, H.P. Data Analyser, Fireberd 6000.

Hardware:                             PC repair to board level.  X25 switches to component level.

Currently used skills:            Microsoft FrontPage, Excel & Word.  WordPress



Professional Trainer Certified – Chartered Institute for Environmental Health

Basic Weapons Recognition & Awareness – Skill for Security

TaeKwonDo – 7th degree black belt, running my own professional academy

Sul Ki Do – 1st degree black belt

Other qualities – High interpersonal qualities.  Not prone to panic. Good team player & leader.



A position, that allows me to continue to run my martial arts Academy ( and  I believe that my training/teaching and interpersonal skills are likely to be my most valuable asset.  I have 12 years commercial IT experience which includes data communications and hardware support under stringent SLAs, field service engineering, help desk and procurement.  I have over a year’s experience of working in live banking environments (dealing rooms).


Preferred Location – City of London, central London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Essex.

Rate sought – £25+ hour contract or £30k+ year

Role sought – Training/teaching, hardware support, customer support, data comms, procurement.  I have a good eye for detail, and used to check contracts before sign offs.


I am a confident, lively and outgoing character with good social skills and would seek the opportunity to display the Company’s excellence at every given possibility. I do like seeing a challenge through to completion, and am happy to work on my own, or as part of a team.





Job Title:                    Martial Arts Instructor

Duration                      October 2000 to present

Employer                     Self Employed registered Sole Trader

Business                      Martial Arts

Duties:  I have been involved with martial arts from the age of 16, and hold 11 black belts three different disciplines, the highest rank being a 7th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo.  Qualified in other synergistic fields, I am passionate about teaching and people development.  In 1993, I set up and have been running my own Tae Kwon Do School as a hobby.  After enjoy great success in providing a service that helps others to develop physically and mentally, I made the transition to teach professionally.  I get immense satisfaction in seeing the students continually improving on their skills and moving up the grading system.  An obvious highlight to this is the number of students that I have trained up to the coveted black belt.  Since turning full-time, I have devised a completely new system of teaching that is far more effective than traditional martial art classes.  Correctly taught, martial arts demonstrates the benefits of goal setting, discipline, commitment, and self control whilst helping to improve upon concentration, physical fitness, skill acquisition and self confidence.



Job Title:                    Hardware Engineer – Break Fix team (temporary contract)

Duration:                     November 07 to December 07

Employer                     Computacentre via Computer People

Business                      Credit Suiss

Duties: Break Fix team in banking environment in the Docklands.  Responding to calls via Remedy logging system.  Comparing the SLA’s and responding to the highest priority calls as appropriate.  This varied from 20 minutes to 4 hours.  With Dealers, this included board level repairs to computers in-situ.  I also dealt with the diagnosis and rectification of printers, printer maintenance kits, and consumables, as well as the diagnosis and replacement of monitors and input devices.



Job Title:                    Technical Procurement Supervisor

Duration                      September 99 to March 2000

Employer                     TeleCity Ltd

Business                      Facilities Management

Duties: Initially a Project Engineer, main responsibility initially was to develop and run technical training courses for the companies own engineers. However, I was asked to take on additional tasks within Project Management.  I then advanced to the position of Technical Procurement Supervisor, and was responsible for: procurement of all technical equipment, maintenance of procurement plans, identification of alternative suppliers as contingency to project risk management, managing and co-ordinating vendor relationships including wholesale discounts, design and maintenance of vendor/supplier database.



Job Title:                    Service Engineer (Dealing Room Systems)

Duration:                     July 98 to September 99

Employer                     ICL Ltd

Business                      I.T. Facilities Management

Duties: Hardware maintenance of EBS financial dealing systems (aka Spot Dealing) within stringent time parameters (i.e. one hour maximum to get to customer site, and one hour maximum to rectify problem). Installation of complete “bank node” kit which consists of DEC 250 Router, Cisco 2500 router, VAX 3100 series server, dealer workstations, and printers.  Pre & post installation site surveys for new parallel relocations.  Category 5 structured cabling.


Job Title                     Shift Leader – Network Engineer   

Duration                      July 96 to July 98

Employer                     Telehouse Corporation of Europe

Business                      Facilities Management

Duties:                         Monitoring clients’ equipment alarms and responding as necessary.  Giving clients support via telephone.  Commissioning circuits, performing Ping tests using Telnet, loop-back tests, and end-to-end test using Fireberd 6000.  Installing racks and cables.  Have made various cables to assist with clients’ urgent needs.  Liasing with carriers and escalating as required.  Changing tapes for back-up processing.  Dealer Room Disaster Recovery trained.  Regular on-site surveys to ensure Health & Safety at Work Act.  Responsible for accurate shift hand-over.  I was responsible for five Shift Engineers on my team, which included the delegation of work, breaks and sorting out any unforeseen problems that arose.  Was offered placement to the new Clifton Street office in order to keep up the Company image at the new site whilst it was being set up.


Previous positions held

Job Title         Help Desk Operator – Contract (summer work whilst at Middx Uni’)

Duties:             User support. Logging calls and passing on to relevant support.  Prioritising necessary problems and raising response as needed.  Nomura – Japanese bank in the City.


Job Title         Computer Operations – Contract

Duties:             Help Desk support.  Maintenance of PC’s and printers. Stock level maintenance of consumables.  Wrote daily operation procedures manual.  London Borough of Waltham Forest, Housing Department.


Job Title         Installation & Maintenance Network Engineer

Duties:             Test, commissioning and board level field support of a range of X.25 WAN equipment and modems.  Cabling and total documentation of HQ node site.  Transpac aka Group France Telecom aka Global One


Job Title         Network Systems Technician

Duties:             Field service engineer of X.25 networks and associated entities – protocol converters, dumb terminals, printers etc.  Sole London engineer, responsible for the company’s biggest clients, London Underground Ltd and London Buses Ltd.



Job Title         Technical Liaison Operator

Duties:             MFI Ltd.  Help Desk – call logging, analysis and diagnosis and occasional rectification of user problems, especially data communications.  This was my first role in IT.  A terrific company to work for that provided full Help Desk Operations courses.  MFI head office.



Motorcycle Messenger, Retail Assistant in a motorcycle store, Recreation Assistant for London Borough of Enfield, Accounts Co-ordinator for an oil and chemical contractor.



Motorcycling, including European trips.  Keeping fit, skiing, squash and badminton.  I am quite gregarious, enjoy helping others and as an eager coach, I have gained several qualifications in sports coaching and injury prevention and am a qualified first aider.



Additional background information

During the last academic year October 96 to May 97, whilst employed by Telehouse, I was continuing my degree at Middlesex University.  As I had been approached by an agency to audition for a film part, I decided to take up Stage Combat, that is the safety principles of unarmed, sword, and sword & dagger fighting for stage and film.  Because of the shift pattern for engineers at Telehouse, I automatically missed 25% of my lessons.  However, I additionally took up Stage Combat at the City Literature Centre in Holborn, London.  This resulted in me not only catching up on missed lessons, but also led to me assisting the instructor in the coaching of lessons at Middlesex University.  The end result of this was an “unreserved pass” – without even taking the final exam!  I have (22/11/97) taken part in the production of a martial arts action adventure film as both the fight choreographer and as part of the team of stunt fighters.


I was a committed member of the Middlesex University Christian Union, and for the academic year 95-96, was the Society’s Secretary.  This proved to be an extremely demanding role which cost me a lot of time and I had to make many personal sacrifices in order to carry out my duties in a professional manner.


During that same year, the University employed me as a Recreation Assistant.  I was responsible for Sports Hall bookings, new membership payments and first aid.  I ran induction courses for multi-gym users, set up and ran two self-defence courses as well as instructing a Tae Kwon Do class.