6:00pm – 6:45pm: Cadet (5 to 9 years of age) and Junior class (10 to 15 years of age) 

7:00pm – 7:45pm: Adult class (16+ years of age):

Call any day between 10am and 10pm to book you appointment for enrolment.

Classes are held Mondays & Wednesday 46 weeks each year. There is one night each month that classes are not held.  Please see the Calendar link for details.

What happens in the classes?
Class training is divided up into about 3 month periods where specific skills and techniques are coached. At the end of each 3 month period, there will be a grading (examination). Each period will have mandatory techniques that will be taught and due to our teaching skills, and with a little daily home training of about 15 minutes, these should be easily attainable by attending most of the available training days. So if a few lessons are missed, the ability to pass each grading shouldn’t be compromised. There are skills to be learnt during each period, yet with our flexible approach in how these are delivered, the classes need not be run rigidly.   Each period of children’s and adults classes will generally involve the following:

  • A warm up
  • Foundation techniques in Tae Kwon Do (“basics”)
  • Fitness training
  • Kicking & punching drills on appropriate martial art targets such as focus pads, kick shields and “pork chops”
  • Partner drills
  • Non-contact sparring
  • Semi & full-contact sparring from 8th grade (with mandatory appropriate safety sparring kit)
  • A cool down &/or reminder of the new skills learnt

What is required?

A smile 🙂 !   An attitude of willing to try new things and behaving in a manner that shows respect to everyone in the class. This mindset will help you develop the physical qualities such as improved balance, coordination, flexibility, stamina and power. I believe most people recognise that someone who has achieved a black belt is a person who has great determination. You heard it said in the film Spider-Man “With great power comes great responsibility”, and I believe this to be especially true in martial arts. Safety is the single most important factor in our classes, so self-control, good behaviour and a willingness to try new skills will serve you extremely well.

Are the 45 minutes classes long enough?
Most certainly.   I’ve been teaching 45 minutes classes for over 9 years and have graded more people to black belt using this format than longer classes. For many people that used to train in long martial arts classes of over an hour, this may seem strange. Having qualified as a Professional Trainer with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, I know that it is not what is taught, but how it is taught that is the important factor.   I too, use to train in such classes that lasted from an hour to an hour and a half. Yet over the last few years, as more research has gone into fitness and sports science, it is now understood that work outs, such as martial arts and weight training, should not last over 45 minutes.